Posted: 7:58 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Wildfire smoke and haze as drought worsens 

By Kirk Mellish

Currently eight significant wildfires are active in the north half of Georgia, smaller ones can pop up anywhere anytime and the exact number of significant ones can vary on any given day or week.


View of Monday 11/14 smoke from Satellite 23 miles in space, a small taste of California living:


The high fire danger will continue the next 5 days at least. This is day number 29 in a row without rain in Atlanta and the odds are very low the next 7 days. You can see in the table below we are now in a top 10 dry streak, and we should reach a tie for 2nd place Saturday baring any change in the rain outlook:


We probably will not break the all-time record but it’s not impossible.

Here is the smoke forecast for today morning, noon and 4pm:




Rainfall needed to wipe out the drought:


LAKE LEVELS updated daily here

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