Posted: 6:25 am Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Progress on the drought 

By Kirk Mellish

The change in the weather pattern to a more active southern jet stream storm track has brought welcome rain to Georgia and much of the Southeast.

Across the entire state of Georgia over the past 21 days 2.18 TRILLION gallons of water has fallen from the sky through Monday the 5th.



Look at the RAIN AMOUNTS LAST 21 DAYS through Dec 5th:


And we are adding an inch more on average from Monday night and today December 6th.

You can see the change in the amount of rain needed to wipe out the drought in the maps below showing before the wet spells began and since:


Deficits were over 22 inches in the mountains and over 15 in much of Metro Atlanta. But you can see below the progress made:


So NO, the drought is not “over”. However, at least for now the weather pattern that caused the drought has ended. It could return later but there’s no immediate sign of that.

The NOAA/NWS Climate Prediction Center guidance suggests above average precipitation over the next 14 days:



Indeed the pattern may well continue the rest of December before any major changes come along.


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