Drought eases off 

Posted: 6:46 am Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

By Kirk Mellish

There is no longer any part of Georgia under the worst drought classification.

However, over 17 million people in the Southeast are still in a drought area including 9% of the Southeast in extreme drought and 20% in severe drought.


In the latest update for Georgia 7.4 million residents are in drought. Still that represents considerable improvement. Extreme drought in the state is down to 19% and severe drought down to 34%.




Additional rain needed to wipe out rain deficit

Local lakes are still down from full pool.

Daily lake level updates

Significant precipitation (1-2 inches, locally to 3.5 inches) was limited to southern sections of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, northern and central Florida, central and southeastern Georgia, central South Carolina, and eastern North Carolina.

Enough rain fell this and last week to make additional improvements in southeastern Alabama, central and southern Georgia, central South Carolina, northeastern North Carolina, and northern Florida.

In central and southern Florida (D0), 1-2 inches of rain was enough to prevent a downgrade to D1. Lighter totals (less than 0.5 inches) fell on the Tennessee Valley and southern Appalachians, albeit in the form of snow which caused major transportation disruptions.

Little or no precipitation fell on eastern Arkansas, northern sections of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, and southern Tennessee. This area will need to be watched for future downgrading as it mostly missed out on the heavy rains of last week, and average USGS stream flows at 1-, 7-, 14-, and 28-days remained at near (<10th percentile) or record low flows.