Drought persists in the Southeast U.S. 

Posted: 8:17 am Friday, March 17th, 2017

By Kirk Mellish

Outside of Florida and the coastal regions of Alabama, temperatures were 2-4 degrees cooler than normal during the week. The heaviest rains were in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and the coastal regions of North Carolina, with some areas recording up to 3-4 inches of rain.

Florida remained fairly dry with only enough precipitation to keep drought from expanding rapidly. In Florida, the moderate drought was expanded to the north in central Florida and abnormally dry conditions spread into more of northern Florida.

In North Carolina, moderate drought was expanded while abnormally dry conditions were introduced into North and South Carolina.

Georgia had improvements to the extreme drought in the northwest and moderate drought in the west while both Mississippi and Alabama had improvements to drought intensities where the greatest rains fell over the last week. Western Tennessee had reductions to the abnormally dry conditions there; while no other changes were made, precipitation deficits were reduced.

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Severe to extreme drought continues.