Georgia drought update 

Posted: 1:36 pm Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

By Kirk Mellish

Much of the south experienced drier-than-normal weather over the past week, which coupled with recent dryness led to widespread expansion of drought.Over five and a half million Georgia residents are covered by a drought classification.

Locally heavy rain facilitated drought reduction across the interior, while persistent dryness led to drought expansion and intensification over southern portions of the region.

Rain totaled 1 to 3 inches (locally more) from western and northern Tennessee into western North Carolina as well as northern Alabama; modest reductions in Abnormal Dryness (D0) as well as Moderate to Severe Drought (D1 and D2) were made where the heaviest rain fell.

Additionally, assessment from the field led to a reduction of the Extreme Drought (D3) in north-central Alabama.

Conversely, rain bypassed most areas along the Gulf and southern Atlantic Coasts, with 30-day deficits of 2 to 4 inches encompassing a large area from central and northern Florida and South Carolina westward into southern Alabama.

D1 was added to southeastern South Carolina and northern Florida where 90-day rainfall stood at a meager 25 to 50 percent of normal. Likewise, D2 was expanded over south-central Florida, coincident with 90-day rainfall less than one-third of normal.

While a wet signal lingers out to 90 days across the southern half of Georgia and Alabama, pronounced dryness over the last 60 days (40-70 percent of normal) coupled with declining stream-flows led to widespread expansion of D0.

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