Drought shrinkage 

Posted: 6:49 am Friday, May 5th, 2017

By Kirk Mellish

Parts of Metro Atlanta are no longer in drought, and the extreme drought in the mountains has shrunk. Meanwhile, more of downstate Georgia has entered into drought conditions, so it’s a mixed bag. Total Georgians under a drought classification 4.1 million.

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RAIN NEEDED TO WIPE OUT DROUGHT (chart will be updated soon):


Temperatures were 3-6 degrees above normal for the week while above-normal precipitation was very spotty and associated with thunderstorm activity. Many areas of Florida, southern Georgia and the coastal Carolinas were last week.

Portions of Mississippi, Alabama, northern Georgia, central Tennessee, and North Carolina recorded over 200 percent of normal precipitation.

The drought depiction included both degradation and improvements as there are separate drought areas in the region. Improvements to the long-term drought were made in Alabama, Mississippi, and northern Georgia, and also in North and South Carolina, where a full category of improvement was shown over most areas.

The short-term drought areas in southern Georgia and Florida had degradation, as a full category change in intensity was observed where precipitation was minimal. A new area of extreme drought was added in central Florida as impacts associated with the drought are worsening.

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On a nationwide basis drought is at it’s least extent since they started tracking it in this manner in 2000.

Georgia Lake Levels

A dry spell is coming in the days ahead, but longer term the recent trend of wet north dry south looks to continue: