Winter wonderland for some 

Posted: 1:15 pm Friday, December 8th, 2017

By Kirk Mellish

Heavier snow than I expected in earlier forecasts… at least in the areas West and North where it started first.

At least the rate of fall was more than I expected which is why there was accumulation on roads in some areas. When it falls fast enough it can overcome warm ground and air temps that are above freezing.

Many folks in the East and South sections of the metro are still just in rain or a mix.

For the metro area 1-3 inches looks like the most common accumulation to me now in the pink warning area of the metro along and West of a Line from Toccoa to La Grange, but there will be lucky (or unlucky depending on your view) that get 5 or 6 in the pink Winter Storm Warning area below :

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 1.39.39 PM

Amounts of an inch or less for the purple and yellow areas.

The WxBell models continue to show the rain-snow line right across the area. It can and will wiggle 20-40 miles north or south of where the model shows it as discussed in previous blog posts:

White to blue is the rain/snow line between now and 4am Saturday:


When it drifts south of you you get snow when it drifts north of you you get rain and near it a mix, or back and forth.

Precipitation will continue at varying intensity rates the rest of the day and tonight, moderate to heavy at times but my stop at times as well, all of it ending by 10 tomorrow morning.

Temperatures will change little from current readings until late tonight, then back above freezing after 10am Saturday.

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