Michael expected to be a hurricane 

Posted: 12:00 pm Sunday, October 7th, 2018

By Kirk Mellish

In my blog seven days ago looking at when and how the heat would go away one of the big features was the prospect for a tropical system coming up out of the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico to bring rain and push out the heat. Well, 7 days later we have it.

It looks like it can become a strong hurricane, IF the current path holds Atlanta would be on the weak side of the storm. We can not yet rule out a track closer to Atlanta, look at the cone of uncertainty.

A combination of a +PNA pattern moves a big trough from the west to the east as the ridge shifts out of our area to the Northeast and the tropical system comes up into the gap between the upper level trough and the upper level ridge.

This will flip the pattern to cool east and warm west so yes, autumn weather is in sight for real. Another mild spell though would be no surprise in both November and December.

So after a string of record 90s for October we can kiss them goodbye until next year.


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